Be more cat!

We are at the start of a kitchen renovation and one of the first steps we had to take was to sell our range. This resulted in a few days of disorganisation and chaos before it left. We have a 13-year-old cat Binky who rules the roost and has an extremely strict routine that we are all required to keep to – he doesn’t like any change to this so of course he was less than pleased and somewhat stressed with the upheaval.

However, this gradually changed as became a bit more confident with the new situation and he began to explore the new spaces that had appeared as parts of the old cupboards began to fall apart.


He ventured into the space under the cupboards emerging covered in dust and cobwebs and eventually found the prize – a jingly ball that he had knocked in there a while ago.

Achieving your goal This new space is now a place where he feels ok, he might even find more lost treasure.

Are we not all a bit like Binky? We like the safety of our routine and we get fearful of change. Stepping outside our comfort zone and embracing change and new challenges can be daunting but don’t we all need to do it now and then to see what hidden prizes we can uncover?

So, whether it’s in your personal or business life, be brave, take the chances, BE MORE CAT!

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